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Our Yoga Studio offers a variety of yoga classes for every body and all levels (beginners to experienced) in a safe, non-competitive and enjoyable environment so you can truly enjoy and advance your yoga practice as your mind, body and heart desire.

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Please print and bring this form with you to class. Yoga Waiver Form


City Wellness: Yoga – Spa offers a variety of yoga styles to help you find what works for you

We are dedicated to providing a safe, non-competitive and enjoyable environment for your yoga practice. We offer an integration of styles and lineages deeply rooted in the ancient art, philosophy and science of yoga. Whether you are a first timer or experienced, we offer a variety of classes suitable for all levels.

Our classes are an integration of styles and lineages. We have studied and certified under various masters and blended the “best of the best”. Within the classes, practitioners are encouraged to progress forward with no strain or pain. Individuals can delve deeper into Asanas (postures) or continue at the preparatory/foundational level. Where there is an “advanced” asana, a preparation asana will also be given and vice-versa. It is good to remember that the very definition of asana is “with ease”. Feel free to experiment in class and give all the variations a try. Be patient, slow down and see your body open and strengthen in ways you never thought possible. Have compassion for yourself and most importantly ENJOY your time in practice.

Our intention, through our students, teachers, programs and environment, is to create community and awaken compassionate awareness within ourselves. Through this effort, we are provided with the opportunity to take our yoga “off the mat.”

Basics of Yoga Program

If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend two classes (Basics of Yoga and/or Easy Does It Yoga) to help you get started with your practice. Private yoga lessons are also available to help prepare you for group classes. The second level beginner classes include any of the Hatha Flow Yoga classes and the Monday morning Vinyasa Flow class. Please don’t hesitate to contact City Yoga if you have any questions or would like to speak with an advisor. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Basics of Yoga

A class designed to introduce people who are new to yoga to the basics of yoga and to guide people with experience through the fundamentals of yoga. Includes postures (asanas), modifications, breathing (pranayama), and relaxation (savasana). Join this class at any time. This is the best way to get started with yoga and to safely build your own home practice.View our Yoga Class Schedule

Flow Align

This class focuses on intentional sequencing while blending Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. It is designed to heat the body through a flowing, intentional sequence that includes direct, specific instructions on how to move in and out of poses safely. Refine postures that you already thought you perfected. Learn how to do poses that you never thought you could do. Get aligned, so you can do yoga until you are 90! View our Yoga Class Schedule

Vinyasa Flow

This energetic, flowing practice emphasizes the connection between mind, body and breath. Each class is a unique experience that combines deep rhythmic breathing with conscious movement to develop strength, balance, flexibility and mental focus. Open to all levels with modifications offered to allow students to work at their own pace. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Power Flow Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa classes link breath with movement while introducing strengthening asanas to create freedom in the body, peace of mind, and the ability to move more powerfully and authentically.  Beginning with sun salutations, students move from one posture to another in a continual flow linking movements to breath. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Ambient Power Vinyasa

Heated (80+ degrees) flowing class where all movements are synchronized with breath, creating a practice that is both dynamic and flowing. The asanas or postures are derived from the Ashtanga system. The difference between the two styles is that in Ashtanga yoga one performs the same series every time while in Vinyasa one has more freedom to improvise the sequences of asanas.  This class is for experienced students. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Hatha Flow with Restorative

All levels are welcome in this traditional hatha flow practice that integrates classical yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation to harmonize body, mind and spirit. The restorative aspect of the class offers an opportunity to hold restful poses for 5-10 minutes to relax the body and to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system balancing the body and bringing it back to equilibrium. This also helps to decrease heart rate and blood pressure and to stimulate the immune system. Restorative poses offer an integration of dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation). View our Yoga Class Schedule

Relax & Renew

This class is designed specifically for body renewal and healing. Blankets, bolsters, and blocks support long holds in restorative postures and encourage recuperation of the nervous system and organs. This slow paced, calming class helps to heal the effects of chronic stress and is beneficial for students of all levels. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Easy Does It 

Easy Does It Yoga is a class structured around rejuvenating and healing the body. This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, and straps are often used for safe practice, and to allow the body to fully achieve each position comfortably. This class is wonderful for beginners, athletes wanting to rejuvenate tight or sore muscles and/or experienced yogis who enjoy a mindful, luxurious practice. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Freedom Style

A moderately paced practice with a combination of centering, strength, flexibility and relaxation . Every class is a new adventure in discovering the connection within ourselves, the energy between each other and how wonderful it is to be us! Suitable for all levels. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Prenatal Yoga

Nurture your body and heart, calm your mind, and bond with baby through a yoga practice designed to inspire trust in your birthing journey. whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, we’ll guide you through meditation, breathing, and movement. you’ll benefit from much-needed relaxation while strengthening the muscles that support your baby during pregnancy and labor. reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom about birth and meet other moms in a safe, open community that encourages you to freely discuss what you are experiencing. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga | 6 weeks through crawling

Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes contain dozens of poses designed to support baby’s development. Each class is filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby’s sleep. During class, babies enjoy yoga while on their backs, bellies or held in loving arms. For parents, this is a special opportunity to meet other like-minded parents, learn about baby’s emerging personality and get support. Most of the yoga we do is for baby but you will also learn a bit of breathing and relaxation techniques as you practice a bit of yoga yourself. No yoga experience required. View our Yoga Class Schedule


YogaKids is a unique approach to integrative learning using yoga as a pathway. The YogaKids curriculum provides children with an exciting new way to explore and appreciate their creative potential. Children learn invaluable skills that set the groundwork for meeting challenges and growing strong physically, mentally and emotionally, cultivating self-esteem for a lifetime of successful achievement. View our Yoga Class Schedule

Lakulish Yoga

A traditional practice that integrates classical yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation to harmonize body, mind and spirit. All levels welcome.

The primary focus of Hatha Yoga, Lakulish style, is to build prana and tapas (inner heat) while mobilizing the spinal column and strengthening the nervous system. Lakulish Yoga utilizes classical Hatha Yoga postures in a way that coaxes the breath and prana to move deep into the lower abdomen, the realm of the first and second chakras. Many of the Lakulish Yoga postures, therefore, center around building abdominal strength, spinal flexibility, and digestive fire. View our Yoga Class Schedule
Read more about The Lakulish Yoga Sequence.

Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private yoga instruction provides the opportunity for attention to be solely devoted to your body and practice. The experience is driven by your yoga practice, body, questions, needs and goals. The sessions are completely individualized to meet your needs. Also helps prepare a beginner for group classes.

Private Group

Practice yoga with your friends. Consider a yoga themed party for a bachelorette party, birthday party, girls night out or a family reunion. Contact the studio to schedule.

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