What is the Lakulish Yoga posture flow like at City Yoga? How does a Lakulish Yoga class differ from other Yoga classes you may have taken?

The Lakulish Yoga posture sequence, as taught by Jennifer Jacobsen, is one that is performed primarily seated on the Yoga mat with a few warm up standing Yoga postures. The idea is to start low and start slow, turning all the senses inward and mindfully paying attention to the breath, movements, and flow of energy. The entire practice is designed around building digestive fire, purifying the 72,000 nadis (energy channels) in the body, and increasing prana (vital life) in the navel center, manipura chakra (the third chakra, solar plexus). When both the inward moving energy of the upper energy centers in the body (prana) and the outward moving energy from the lower energy centers in the body (apana) move into the navel center, a spark is created, a fire, a pulse (as in physics). This energy is the digestive fire, one of the first fires of Yoga that we need to build in the body to begin purification of the body and its energy lines & centers, according to the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, Puranas, and Vedas, the main textbooks of Yoga.

The Bhagavad Gita, Jnaneshwar’s version, states the following in Chapter 15:

ahaḿ vaiśvānaro bhūtvā
prānināḿ deham āśritah
pacāmy annaḿ catur-vidham

Having become the abdominal fire,
I live in the bodies of all creatures;
and united with the inward and outward breaths,
I digest the four kinds of food.

The Lakulish Yoga postures, as they are taught by Jennifer Jacobsen, and as they have been taught in her Yoga lineage, employ repetition of postures and retention of the breath. In yoga centers around the globe, many students are instructed to breathe deeply through a posture. In the Lakulish Yoga posture series taught at City Yoga, you do not breathe through a posture. In some postures, you will exhale and hold the breath out. In other postures, you will inhale and hold the breath in. Doing so builds tremendous amounts of energy, light, and heat in the body to create the digestive fire. You will then be instructed to transmute this energy by offering this energy into the space of Love, Light, or towards your Internal Self. The postures are repeated up to 10 times each, depending on the class time and Jennifer’s assessment of your body’s needs. Some more challenging postures may only be repeated a few times until you are able to work your way up to more repetitions.

Lakulish Yoga is a process of internal alchemy. We transmute energy into a higher vibrating, purer form of energy. Lakulish Yoga postures are about building Light and prana in the body.

The postures as they are taught by Lakulish Yoga instructors most definitely build internal heat, increase metabolism, purify the body, and provide you with energy. Do not let the postures being performed mostly in a seated position fool you.  You will get quite a cardiovascular workout and will shed excess body fat in the process through these postures if that is what is needed for your body! Your body, mind, and energy will become fit, steady, stable, comfortable, and flexible through these postures.

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