Unwind and relax your mind and body with one of our therapeutic massages.  Our skilled, licensed massage therapists customize each treatment to your needs, leaving you feeling pampered from head to toe.
With our quiet massage rooms illuminated in a candle-lit glow, we guarantee you will feel your stress melt away as you breathe in peace and calm and allow us to do the rest.
All massages include aromatherapy and hot towels to enhance your experience.
Using pure organic therapeutic grade essential oils by Bodhi + Sol, you can now get customized essential oil blends and customize a massage oil for your massage! Choose one of our already blended massage oils or create your own.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Allow yourself to slip into total relaxation while all the tension in your body is swept away by warm, gentle hands during this relaxing and invigorating massage.

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30 min     $52

60 min     $78

90 min     $108

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Focusing on those deep overworked muscles, this therapeutic massage is designed to relieve pain associated with muscle knots, heavy physical activity, and everyday stress by targeting specific areas in need of relief.

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60 min     $98

90 min     $127

Prenatal Massage

This deeply soothing therapy works to improve circulation, decrease swelling, and release tension associated with pregnancy. Designed for women in the second to third trimester, this massage includes body pillows to ensure complete relaxation and total comfort for mother as well as baby.

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60 min     $83

Seasonal Massage

Every quarter we offer a Seasonal Massage at a significant discount to spoil our clients. Each special will consist of a 60 min Swedish massage plus a 30 min specialty treatment such as Reflexology, Ayurvedic Scalp Massage, Body Scrub, or another nourishing option of our choice. Please call us or visit our booking site to view the current seasonal offering!

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90 min     $99

Lomi Lomi Massage

This traditional Hawaiian therapy is characterized by deep continuous strokes often producing a “wave like” sensation that increases circulation, relaxes the body, and promotes overall well being.

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90 min     $122

Thai Massage

This form of massage is a unique and powerful healing art that blends elements of yoga, reflexology, acupressure, energy healing and Ayurveda. Practitioners of Thai Massage cover all of the muscle groups and organs, reaching every body system using palms, elbows, and feet to compress muscles, stimulate acupressure points, and gently stretch the body, allowing it to relax, open, and decompress.

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90 min     $129

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This therapeutic massage relaxes and balances the nervous system, reduces inflammation, improves sleep, and grounds the body’s electromagnetic field as warm salt stones are used on Chinese reflex points and meridians.

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90 min     $118

Reflexology Therapy

Let us help you find your inner balance with this ancient healing technique. Reflexology works on the principle that all of the body organs are connected to reflex points in the feet. Each area of the body is worked through pressure points in the feet and hands to encourage energy flow to corresponding organs.

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30 min     $52

60 min     $82

Couples Massage

A couple’s massage is the perfect retreat for you and your significant other. Not just for the romantics though, mother & daughter, sisters and even best friends can also enjoy this pampering experience. Choose any 2 treatments of same length and add $5/ person.  This service is for two in the same room.

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+$5 per person

Massage & Body Treatment Add-Ons

Foot Scrub: add an all natural, hand crafted foot scrub to any massage or body treatment. Hot Stones: add hot stones to any massage to soothe muscle tension and increase relaxation. Cupping: add cupping to pull toxins from deeper tissues to the surface, where the body can eliminate toxins easier through the blood. This add-on softens adhesions/ scarring, opens up connective tissues, stimulates blood flow, and induces greater healing & relaxation.

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