Partner Yoga & Dynamic Flying Workshop

Sunday, February 9, 2013 1-3pm
With Jaryn Thorndyke & Lisa Autrey

Therapeutic Flying and Partner YogaJoin Jaryn & Lisa for this fun workshop!  Ariel Partner Yoga, inspired by Acro Yoga, is a blend of Yoga, Partner Yoga, gymnastics, acrobatics and Thai massage.

In this workshop you will learn to work with a partner to literally take your Yoga practice to the next level; UP IN AIR. We will work with each other to form shapes composed of two or more people using the concept of “base” and “flyer”. When we “come down” we will explore a bit of the restorative and ancient art known as Nuad Boran or Thai Massage.

This workshop will make you feel like a kid again or remind you of happy times if you have a past of gymnastics, being a cheerleader, or just the natural urge to go upside down or pretended to fly as a child.

No partner is required; we work in groups. And the best prerequisite is to have at least one month of a regular and consistent Yoga practice. GET READY for your practice to TAKE FLIGHT!

$30 in advance, $35 at door