Jennifer Jacobsen is a Nationally Certified and Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (MA46676), Reiki Master, and Certified Yoga Teacher practicing at City Wellness Yoga-Spa (MM29422).  She has been with City Yoga since its inception.

Jennifer graduated Cum Laude from Huntingdon College in 2001 with Honors in Religion and Philosophy, a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy, a B.A. in Acting, and a minor in Psychology.  After college she went on to work with Heritage Repertory Theatre in Charlottesville, VA.  In 2002 she moved to Orlando, FL to attend the University of Central Florida in order to pursue her M.F.A. in Acting. Realizing that professional acting was not going to support her, Jennifer began working in marketing and advertising for several small advertising agencies in Orlando and was asked to join the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando’s opening team.

While marketing, sales, and acting were all enjoyable, Jennifer wanted something more soul-fulfilling as a career.  In 2003 she enrolled in High Tech Institute, a medical massage training center in Orlando, and she began taking evening classes in massage therapy.  Jennifer fell in love and has been in love with massage to this day.  Jennifer has always believed that the body can heal itself naturally and that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected.  After declaring that she wanted to be a healer and wanted to connect to the Divine and help others do the same, Jennifer was called to Yoga through a series of synchronistic occurrences.  She began practicing Kundalini Yoga at the Baba Shri Chand Ashram in Altamonte Springs, FL and from there was introduced to Yogi Amrit Desai, the head of Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, FL.

Jennifer began her 200 hr teacher training in 2003, and was attuned to Usui Reiki Levels 1 and 2 by a fellow yoga student.  By 2004 she was a certified Yoga instructor and had graduated with her license in Massage Therapy.  Jennifer moved into Amrit Yoga Institute’s ashram and started their Massage Therapy program.  She began practicing massage and Reiki on the yoga students attending yoga teacher training as she went deeper into her own personal practices. Jennifer also learned some Ayurvedic treatments and worked in the kitchen learning how to cook Indian food.  She felt deeply connected to Amrit Desai’s Guru, Swami Kripalu and Kripalu’s connection to the Kripalu Muni Mundal Yoga Lineage and its founder, Lakulish Muni. In 2004 she received her Master Reiki attunement and began attuning others to the Reiki energy. The ashram environment changed Jennifer’s life for the better and she discovered the true meaning of “taking Yoga off the mat”.

Jennifer’s hunger for Yoga and the connection to the Divine deepened and she began to pray for a Guru, a teacher who would teach her the deepest secrets of Yoga and how to merge with her Highest Self.  Shortly after, she was introduced to Yogacharya Swami Ashutosh Muni, the current Lineage Holder for the Kripalu Muni Mundal line.  She was given an offer of a lifetime, the chance to study Yoga in depth, the chance she had prayed for.

For the past 8 years Jennifer has been traveling to study with Swami Ashutosh Muni one weekend out of every month.  She has been trained, and continues to be trained, in Lakulish Yoga, and her training includes all eight limbs of Yoga as well as in depth study in Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Narada Bhakti Sutras. Jennifer is also continues to learn Ayurveda and alkaline health and nutrition from her Guru.  Jennifer teaches what she has learned from her Guru in her Lakulish Yoga classes as well as her Yoga Teachings classes at City Yoga.

After moving out of the Amrit Yoga ashram in 2005, Jennifer worked for Cameo’s, a small day spa in Ocala, FL and joined the Villages Hospital Wellness Center team in 2006 where she taught yoga and did rehabilitation and medical massage.  In 2008 Jennifer moved to St. Augustine, FL and got a job working at the PGA Tour Spa Laterra and worked there until they closed in 2010. Jennifer then started her own business, Skillful Touch Bodywork and performed outcalls as well as working with Renaissance Hotel at the World Golf Village performing massage for their corporate and group events.  She also was asked to join Sphere’s team in downtown St. Augustine.  Jennifer received a great amount of training in Aromatherapy, including Raindrop Therapy, while at Sphere and in 2010 Jennifer also traveled for her continuing education in Traditional Thai and Lomi Lomi massage.

In July of 2012 Jennifer moved her massage, yoga and Reiki all into one basket as City Yoga opened the Dolce MindBody Spa.  Jennifer’s dream has always been to participate in a wellness center and now she has the amazing opportunity to do so.  Jennifer performs all of the massage and body treatments on the Dolce MindBody Spa menu and teaches the Basics of Yoga class on Thursday evening as well as the Thursday morning and Tuesday evening Lakulish Yoga classes. Jennifer also offers workshops in Yoga Teachings and other topics at City Yoga.

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