There’s a lot of buzz these days concerning items found in skin care products, and for good reason. This is because most mainstream beauty products are compromised with synthetic preservatives and other highly processed and contaminated ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, and artificial dyes and perfumes.

Being that our skin is the largest organ, which eliminates body waste and is our largest immune defense barrier, when we put these toxic ingredients on our body, it is absorbed up to 60% into our blood stream. Over time, our skin becomes overburdened and weak as our bodies try to cope with these foreign substances. The results are anything but nurturing, rejuvenating, or healing, and can actually affect our health negatively and accelerate the aging process.

Studies have shown that applying pesticides to plants forces them to produce enzymes and antibodies to survive. These antibodies are produced in abundance to fight the toxins found in chemicals, and are then absorbed by our bodies when we eat the produce or apply it to our skin, causing physical reactions.

Over the last 50 years, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been developed, most of which have never been properly tested on humans. It is reported that only 11% of 10,500 chemical ingredients that go into personal care has been tested in the US. Increasing studies show illnesses such as eczema, fatigue, allergies, sensitivities, breakouts, and hormone disruption have a direct link with these synthetic products.

Even more alarming is parabens -a preservative used in many products to maintain shelf life- are being found in cancerous breast tumors. 

There is hope though, and the answer is simple: go green!

Organic skin care products are extremely beneficial because ingredients are mainly comprised of fruits, vegetables, plants, and other naturally occurring items found in the earth that have not been tampered with. Much like the benefits of eating organic foods, when we give our skin the proper nutrients it needs, we allow our body the ability to care for and mend itself.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations for claiming a product as organic at this time. Often times, the “natural” and “plant-based” items we find on our local grocery shelves are nothing more than chemically-induced products that have been lightly sprinkled with the ingredients being advertised on the bottle.

The only way to know if a product is truly organic is if it has a USDA seal of approval. If there is a USDA print on the package, this is what a buyer can be sure of:

  • environmentally friendly- crops are harvested in a manner that is not destructive to the environment
  • cruelty free
  • made without the use of harsh irritants, chemicals, or carcinogens
  • will not cause adverse effects like peeling or burning
  • does not contain artificial dyes, fragrances, or synthetic preservatives
  • no GMOs- has not been genetically modified

The facials performed at City Wellness Spa are administered with the help of Eminence Organic Skin Care; with a USDA seal of approval, this company is deemed one of the “greenest” lines on the market. Not only do I utilize these products on my clients, I personally use this line for my own skin care regime.

As someone who has always struggled with acne-prone skin, I can testify that this is the first line I have used that has not dried out or irritated my problematic skin. The fruits, vegetables, and herbs found in Eminence leave my skin nourished instead of stripped as it heals my acne in a healthier and more radiant manner.

In the end, whether choosing organic products or not, please note that the most important way to keep our delicate skin youthful and radiant is to simply wear sunblock. Regardless of what beauty companies claim, the most effective way to protect skin is to shield it from the sun. UVA rays are literally considered aging rays because these rays are what causes hyperpigmentation, age spots, and wrinkles. Look for an SPF 15 for daily use and SPF 30 for prolonged exposure

*If you’re interested in finding out if the products you use are safe, visit to get comprehensive results of the item(s) in question

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